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The Undercovers

This show suffers from the same problem as Rizzoli & Isles and Iron Man 2, namely, it's clearly going for a sparkling banter-y Nick & Nora-type vibe, but the dialogue just isn't clever or witty enough to make it work. I realize that skilled banter-y dialogue writers may be hard to come by - not everyone can be a, say, Joss Whedon or an Aaron Sorkin - but the lack of real wit is an obvious flaw in a show that's supposed to be built around the zinging back-and-forth of its leads.

That said, the leads are incredibly charming and pretty - so pretty that I literally lost track of the plot several times because I was distracted by the prettiness - and god knows that the shenanigans of buddies who spy and engage in spy-ish activities are relevant to my interests - so I'll certainly keep watching and hope things improve. And yeah, I prefer buddies who are more in the UST-vein than the already-married vein, but I can work with it.

Vampire Diaries: Bad Moon Rising

I really don't care about the werewolves.

Caroline's shown an incredible amount of character growth over the last three episodes - I now love her to pieces. I was totally heartbroken over her sacrifice at the end of this episode, and though Matt's kinda dull, he's what she wants, so I really hope those crazy kids find a way to make it work after all. And I very much hope that we don't see her go down some evil path with Katherine - I'd so much rather she resist, or even act as a spy for the resistance :-).

I love that Bonnie can do rings now - and I really, really hope Bonnie's powers continue to grow and become more offensive so that she can be key in thwarting Katherine's plans, whatever they are.

Fringe Season Premiere

OLIVIA!!!!!! Oh noes! I think this plot of her believing she's alt!Olivia is actually too stressful for me - I don't know if I can take it. But I am looking forward to seeing the havoc alt!Olivia wreaks, and I really hope that alt!Olivia isn't evil, just misguided by Walternate, so that we see real development on her side, as well.

Is it just me is or alt!Charlie hotter than Charlie?

Nikita: Kill Jill

I'm getting bored now. Maybe it's just my nostalgia for the original series, but Nikita doesn't do much except look serious and fight people - the real tension and emotion is with Alex, because she's the one in constant danger who has to interact with all the bad guys - but we don't see that much of her. The spy plots are boring, so the lack of real interaction among the key characters is a critical flaw.

I can't help but compare to the original series, where Nikita wasn't a trained operative but a new recruit - she ran an incredible gamut of emotions as she tried to adjust to her life in Section, which was a large part of what made the series so riveting. The reboot just doesn't have anything comparable.

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Nikita comment only as I haven't seen the others, but it's interesting you say this. I only have vague recollections of La Femme Nikita, but I'm planning to rewatch it sometime as I'm feeling rather the same about Nikita. Alex is definitley the more interesting character (the deep-voiced guy chasing Nikita - was he in ER? - is also kinda gorgeous though, even if he's a bit thick at times). Whereas Nikita is too perfect at what she does. You never feel any real empathy for her, because she's never really in danger because she's too cool for school. And though they tried to give her a tragic past, it just feels like they've told you she's tragic, but I never see it in the character.

What really bugs me, though, is that with all their super awesome security etc. they never notice Alex just sitting down each night in a deserted computer lab and having a good chat with Nikita. What is with that? It makes me want to bang my head on the desk. EVERY episode. O_o

Still watching though. Not sure what that means. Maybe I'm hoping the cute guy with the deep voice will run away with Alex and it'll get more interesting.
I've been rewatching LFN ever since Nikita aired, and I'm appreciating it even more by contrast.

I gotta admit, I'm not crazy about Michael, though - I think he's sort of dull and not really that attractive. But ITA re Nikita - she's very cool and very capable, but there's no real threat to her so there's no real tension, which is why the most interesting bits have to do with Alex.
Oh he is dull character-wise, but I find his unexpectedly deep voice attractive. *hands* Can't fight such things and it does make the show a tad more interesting for me at least. lol Here's hoping it gets some more intricately woven plots going on soon.
I love Caroline, too. She's become a wonderful character to watch this season and I was all wimpy during that whole scene with Matt. No, I don't want her completely evil, but I can see her being totally mean with Damon.

I'm glad to see werewolves, but I don't think they're going to wind up being all that interesting on the show. I was thinking that it would wind up being some other mythical/horror creature.

When they said a werewolf bite could kill a vampire, I immediately thought of Underworld.
I don't know enough about Underworld to make the comparison :-).

But it's fun to watch the main vamps "discover" werewolves; I just care less about the wolves themselves because I don't care about those characters. One of them has been an ass throughout the show so I don't care what happens to him, and the new guy is new and we know nothing about him except werewolf, so I really can't bring myself to be interested in their storylines.