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More crankiness

See if you can spot the most important person in the room:

(via [personal profile] ide_cyan)

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Apparently, the going rate of exchange is something like this:

To be fair, I do realize that these examples are somewhat skewed; most of these shows have alternative promotional images, and there are counterexamples like:

But then again, when it comes to ads for The Closer, this is actually what I see most often:


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Wow, that NCIS one is almost hilarious. Between the GIANT MAIN CHARACTER DUDE being 6x the size of everyone else, and the girl with the punky hair just barely getting her head pastede on between two guys' shoulders. At least they're not even trying to be subtle about it.
I'm just wondering whether at some point they get embarrassed about this.
Wow. And then that last one... ::shakes head::
I know, it's really extraordinary, isn't it? I'd love to see one of these with the man dressed in police tape.

Re: More crankiness

For the Leverage one, I'm guessing the guy with the fire crotch, Chris Kane, is important? ;-) With that level of inflammation, ointment probably won't be enough.

Re: More crankiness

Heh. I'd seen it more as fireballs shooting from Nate's hand, but your interpretation is at least as plausible.
I've always been weirded out by that T:SCC one, since John is so clearly the second main character, not the first. Why is Sarah in the background? Makes no sense!
I hadn't seen it before - ide-cyan at Dreamwidth linked it to me. And... *shudder* It really brings the point home, doesn't it?