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New Vid: "Walking on the Sun" (Lost Girl)

Behold my lack of a sense of self-preservation.

Song: Walking on the Sun by Smash Mouth
Fandom: Lost Girl

Summary: Lord, what fools these mortals be.

Pairings: You've ... seen the show, right?

Spoilers: Through "Bloodlines"

Sizes: 35 MB (540 x 360 .divx), 15 MB (420 x 280 .wmv)
Length: 3:01

Download: Monsters from the Vids

Streaming version at Viddler or embedded:

Password: fairytale

Comments appreciated.

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This is so much fun! Perfect encapsulation of the show.
Hee, thanks! I was suddenly filled with glee and I couldn't stop myself!
Ok. I need to check this show out. XD

This is waaaaay too much fun! I was giggling all over the place! :D
I need to check this show out.

Mission Accomplished! I'm really glad you liked it. :-)
I love this! It really encapsulates a lot of what makes me gleeful about the show. :D
Thank you! That's what I was going for, really - capturing the all the fun moments - I'm glad you liked it!
heeeeeeeeeeeeee! YAY LOST GIRL! This is awesomely fun! I have a huge grin on my face now. I love what you did with the lyrics.
Thanks, sweetie! There was only so much I could do for lyric matches with only 13 episodes, so I'm glad you liked how it came out!
Yay! I'm glad it made you happy :-)
Awesome:) I just finished this show last night, and I was craving vids. Super fun! Thanks!
I'm glad I could fulfill your craving!
yessssssssss I love Kenzi SO MUCH

very fun! great overview! loved the transition between the sliced spider and the cookies! <3 <3 <3

I totes have a few Lost Girl vids percolating in my mind!! Such a quirky-awesome show! SO VIDDABLE, your glee is definitely palatable in the vid!! :D :D :D
loved the transition between the sliced spider and the cookies!

Heh, thank you! I had so much fun with that one :-). And yes, such a viddable show - there definitely needs to be more Lost Girl vids!!
I haven't watched the show (not sure it's my cup of tea), but I always like your vid style, so this was a lot of fun! (Plus I love the song, so there's that.)

I actually got a feel for the show from the vid, I think! *applause*
I'm so glad you enjoyed it, even if the show is not your kind of thing! And yes, I suppose not everyone enjoys cracked-out cheesy shoestring budget fantasy television - but for me it's catnip :-).
Oh my gosh dude this is too much fun.
You captured the spirit of the show perfectly. I especially loved the little section from 1:30 - 1:37. Oh Kenzi.
This is awesome. Definitely the perfect vid to recruit new watchers ;)
Thank you!! And yes, Kenzi is terrifically fun, isn't she? She has so many more comic moments that it was tough not to make her pull too much focus!
Wonderful. One of the best Lost Girl vids ever.
Thank you so much!
Okay, that was FUCKING AWESOME! I absolutely loved everything about it!!! \o/
Thank you! I'm so happy you liked it!
I'm so glad that a brilliant vidder like you is doing vids for the show.

Aww, that's so sweet of you! And this is such a fun fandom to vid!
Loved it!
Thank you!
This was brilliant!!
Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Yay, LG vid! A fun encapsulation of s1, with all the ookiness and goofiness (and Kenzi!) on full display. :)
Thanks! Yeah, there's plenty of Kenzi - she's kind of a scene stealer. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
That was freakin' awesome! [applauds]
Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun to make.
Love it! Great show. Great vid!
It is a fun show, isn't it? I'm so glad you enjoyed the vid!
Hee!! I'm so happy you liked it - thank you!
I love what you said under the 'pairings' section. XD

Great vid! It was everything I love about the show in just a few minutes!
I love what you said under the 'pairings' section. XD

Hee, yes, it's one of the defining characteristics of the show :-). I'm really glad you enjoyed the vid - thanks!
This is one amazing fanvids! :D
Awww, thanks! I'm so glad you liked it!
I haven't gotten around to watching the show yet, but this was so much fun! *glee*
Oh thank you!! I'm glad you had fun with it even without knowing the source!
THIS IS AMAZING! Sorry, reduced to capslock there.

Hee. I'm so glad you were hit with a Lost Girl bunny! So much love. :D
Thank you!! I'm delighted to have reduced you to capslock!!
So delightful!!! I think I love the Kenzi section the best, but the whole thing is a blast--totally captures all the humor and sexiness of the show

Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun vidding it, so I'm glad you enjoyed watching! And yeah, Kenzi really gives great visuals - I had to fight to keep her from dominating the vid.
Very fun! I like it! :)
Thank you!! I had fun making it :-).
whee, this is cool!
i haven't actually seen the show, but it looks very interesting xD maybe i should check it out, hmmm.
You should totally check it out! I'm glad you enjoyed the vid - thanks!
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