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Waking Methos

My random thoughts on H50 1x19

1. Awww, this show is like an Entourage cast reunion.

2. Hey, I don't think Steve and Danny tortured anyone this week. Good job, Show.

3. Sometimes, it's hard to tell in television whether an extraordinarily stiff performance means they hired an extraordinarily crappy guest star, or whether it's a signal that the character is just a bad liar. For this reason, I spent half the episode wondering whether Kay was really a CIA agent. It was sort of gratifying to find out she was lying in the first scene.

4. I honestly thought Steve was going to attack Kay in the first scene. Which was awesome, actually, because I prefer it if the show portrays Steve's violence as actually out-of-control and disturbing, rather than as vigorous police work.

5. I wish when Danny had asked Steve what he planned to do about the CIA request for files, and Steve said why do you have to know everything about my life, Danny had responded with, "This from the man who grilled me over my lunch."

6. There's been fic where Danny is portrayed as a family man who prefers serious relationships to casual sex, which, to me, while a romantic notion, never seemed to jive with his character. Prior to this episode, we'd seen Danny openly ogle women on at least three occasions, and two of those times, he would have actually disrupted an investigation in order to flirt, if Steve hadn't pulled him back. Steve's the one who doesn't seem interesting in skirt-chasing, even when Catherine is not (evidently) around.

This episode confirmed that Danny is, shall we say, easily distracted by women - so much so that if I didn't think the show was unwilling to vilify him, I'd suspect that Danny's infidelity - either in thought or deed - was one of the reasons for the failure of his marriage.

Or possibly he feels out of practice with dating and therefore is overcompensating with sleazy and awkward pickup approaches - which certainly squares with his hilarious scene with Kono.

That said, I found the random and gratuitous ogling at the beginning of this episode to be extraordinarily annoying and offensive, and, as is my wont, I have to wonder if this is Show's way of firmly declaring Danny's heterosexuality. Now I need fic where this is a front Danny puts on so he can seem heterosexual for Steve's benefit, and he can't even manage to fake heterosexuality effectively in a text message.

7. Steve looks pretty wet.

8. Weren't they supposed to be hiking in this episode? Everyone promised me hiking.

9. Kono was awesome.

10. Back to the text message thing, another thing that annoys me about Show is Danny's paternalism toward women. Like, I love Danny's love for his daughter - it's his most endearing quality - but I cannot tell you how offensive I find it that he'll treat women like meat and then turn around and declare that if he ever saw his daughter in a similar situation, he'd start assaulting people. I.e., Danny will walk into a bar, openly ogle the women, and then two seconds later say how he'd be breaking heads if he saw the other men in the club looking at his daughter the way they are looking at the clubgoers - apparently forgetting that he was looking at the women exactly the same way not two seconds earlier. He made a similar comment about bikinis - he leers at Kono in a bikini, then later objects to the idea of his daughter wearing one. Now, assuming he's adjusting for age - i.e., his objection isn't "Because my daughter is 7" - it's an appalling double-standard as well as evidence of a firm madonna/whore complex.

Which brings us back to, the text scene was cute, but I dislike Danny for trying to shield Kono's delicate sensibilities.

11. The entire scene of searching the garage for stolen items was surprisingly cleverly written.

12. Did Chin seriously swing the bat around and handle it even though it was a murder weapon? I was so, so hoping it would turn out that the real bat was being analyzed by the lab and Chin was using a different bat for dramatic effect. Sadly, that was not the case.

13. Star Trek:TOS had Dr. M'Benga. I'm just saying.

Unrelated fic rec: The Invited Series. Labyrinth, Jareth/Sarah. I'm no connoisseur of Labyrinth fanfic, but I really liked the power dynamics here.

Unrelated unpopular fannish opinion: The Mountain Goats has only made one album. They just keep rereleasing it under different names.

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