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Oh, fantastic

They're rebooting Superman. Again. Still no female superheroes on the horizon, and casting a black Perry White does not pacify me.

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Dont read the comments don't read the comments dont read the oh dangit.
It feels like there are four or five superheros movies every summer these days, and yeah, the absence of female superheroes is glaring.
It's so galling because they're so desperate that they're pulling out obscure ones and rebooting the bigger ones multiple times - but they still can't be assed to feature anyone other than white men.
They've done such a piss poor job with the female heroines they have done something with. Catwoman was embarrassing and the Wonder Woman TV pilot was pretty bad from what I've heard.

They would have been better taking it to the big screen.

Honestly, though, I don't mind the superhero flicks. I love 'em, in fact. It would be nice if they would expand a bit beyond the more popular ones.
Won't happen unless they find a bankable female superheroe. If Anne Hattaway's catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises becomes popular enough they might reboot the catwoman franchise. Being original, daring and socially progressive is not lucrative.
Sure, it may not be lucrative to be socially progressive - but it is lucrative to bank on well established, incredibly popular pop cultural figures - of which Wonder Woman is one. But Hollywood male executives are always convinced that movies about women don't perform well - no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary - and so the movies don't get made. There is no reason that they should be scraping the bottom of the barrel for obscure heroes and redoing the established ones multiple times and so obviously skipping over one of the most famous superheroes of all time except for straight up prejudice against movies headlined by women.
I think it's a problem that concerns mainly the super hero genre because of the recent female based comic book films that didn't do well in the box office (Elektra, Catwoman). Female centric Hollywood films in other genres (Sucker Punch, Salt, Kill Bill, Underworld) do very well but for some reason that success doesn't cross over to the superhero genre. Hollywood execs are definitely sexist and bigoted but unfortunately the few times they tried banking on a female superhero lead it failed. Wonder Woman is the exception, that franchise has always been successful so they're definitely showing their prejudice by refusing to produce a Wonder Woman live action film. They even scrapped the TV pilot before it was aired...
The sexism shows in how they address Elktra and Catwoman. There are plenty of male superhero movies that don't do well, but they aren't taken as proof that the entire genre fails - they just show that those particular movies sucked. Catwoman and Elektra failed because they were terrible movies. In Hollywood, when women star and the movie does well, it's a fluke; when women star and the movie does poorly, it's proof that women can't headline.