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More recs!

And shockingly, I am not mentioning XMFC in this post. Savor it while it lasts.


Freakum Dress - A celebration of the fabulousness of the Batman movies. Suddenly, the Joel Schumacher oevre seems way better than it did before.

Sit Down by the Fire - Kings vid. Never watched the show; doesn't matter. This is achingly beautiful.

House By the Sea - Spartacus. Absolutely amazing use of overlays.

Lost Girl: Character Introduction - What it says on the tin. Adorable.

Into the Fire - Lovely tribute to Benjamin Sisko of Deep Space Nine.

Matches to Paper Dolls - Scully character vid with fantastically striking and unusual clip choices.


Meet Me Inside - BBC Sherlock prison AU that works so surprisingly well.

Seven Year Itch - Killa makes me remember what I love about Duncan/Methos.

These Things I Know Are True - Killa makes you feel how much love there is between Sam and Dean.

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ooh, and even more awesome vids to watch \o/
(it feels like my to-watch list is already endless - why is everyone so talented?!)
Thanks for the link to the Kings vid. It's a great show, I'm sure you would love it, though it had a lot of potential and didn't always deliver... It's a bit weird when an m/m pairing is more canon in the Bible than in a 21st century TV show...

I also enjoyed hellpenguin's Lost Girl vid, and her Dollhouse vid as well.

I'm friending you, your posts are interesting, and we seem to share a bunch of fandoms.
Hi, friending you back :-). I'm glad you enjoyed the vids!
That Sherlock prison AU was amazing. What is it about that fandom that brings out such sharp writers? Thanks for reccing it.


I haven't had time to follow Sherlock communities, so my apologies if this fic rec is something you've already had an overexposure to, but I thought I should share, considering what a great source fic recs you always are - A Study in Squawking : (complete)

Hope you enjoy!
Hee, that looks like marvelous crack - thanks!