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vidder malfunction

So, I've been relatively quiet lately...'s been kicking my ass like whoah, and every now and then I fall into a funk where the political situation just seems so overwhelmingly, irredeemably hopeless than I can't even bother to post about it anymore, so... yeah.

But! In good news, I officially finished and submitted my vid for Club Vivid! Yay! ... and now I only have to wait four months before the world can see it. Woe.

Also? Office buildings where they take your picture at the security desk to put on a temporary ID badge? I am convinced it's some sort of psychological warfare, to demoralize you and put you on uncertain footing in advance of your meeting, so you'll just acquiesce to everything that's demanded of you.

Oh, oh! I should add that I enjoyed this vampire!Sherlock story.

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\o/@vid. but 4 months *ahhhh
strange to take a photo for temporary badges; wow.
maybe wear warpaint the next time, just for the photo :D
Hee, I definitely should try the warpaint! Or a costume of some sort....