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Waking Methos

Must ... not. ... watch ... bootlegged ... version ... of ... Avengers....

...will ... see it in theater ... Saturday.... must - resist

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Look at my icon.

Really, don't do it. I've seen it in theaters, and I looked at the boot just so I could know, and the quality is SO bad that you're missing a lot of the cast's expressions and nuances of performance. It is not the same movie, at all.

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Re: Look at my icon.

I'm trying .. I'm trying....
I capitulated yesterday. *headdesk*

(But I'm still watching it on Friday when it comes out in theaters.)
This is not helping me with my self-control.
I know, right? I've been having that same struggle.
I really want to be strong. I know I'll enjoy it so much more in a theater.
I was on YM telling a friend to be strong and not DL it, that we'd be seeing it in just a few days!
We must all support each other in this time of crisis.