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New Vid: "Hourglass" (Multifandom)

... betcha weren't expecting to hear from me again so soon...

Song: Hourglass by Squeeze
Fandom: Multi, including (but not limited to) X-Files, Stargate SG-1, Supernatural, Xena, Day Break

Summary: All this has happened before and will happen again.

Sizes: 46 MB (540 x 360 .avi), 18 MB (420 x 280 .wmv)
Length: 3:45

Download: Monsters from the Vids

Streaming: Viddler, or embedded:

Password: beginagain

Dedicated to cathexys. I really hope she knows why :-).

Comments would be awesome.

ETA: I've posted some entirely unnecessary and exceedingly boring notes on the vid here; you can read them if you like but I don't necessarily recommend it. Definitely watch the vid first, though.


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Oh my god! That was AWESOME!!!

Day Break! And the very end! I had no idea so many of the time loop stories used breaking kitchenware. *g* I love this video so much!
Hee! I was totally thinking of you on the Day Brak stuff - I"m glad you liked it :-).
I was jumping up and down already before I even saw my name! *dances you*

I just watched it on imeem while I'm d'loading and it's marvelous!!! More after the kids are dropped off and I can watch it a few more times.
Glad you liked it! Your posts helped me crystallize what I was going for :-).

*warbles happily!*

fantastic! hilarious! brilliant!

Oh, thank you! I'm glad you liked it!
This is awesome! Watching it makes me go \o/.
Thanks!! That's exactly the reaction I was hoping for.
Hah! I just watched Groundhog Day yesterday :P

This is brilliant. Very upbeat. The tyranny of the alarm clocks. All the things breaking and blowing up. And dancing Dean! :D
Thank you!! Yes, I had to put in as much dancing Dean as possible - it's one of the best clips ever.
This was so much fun! Definitely a keeper. :D
Thank you!
Day Break Day Break Day Break! Happy now (even though I can't watch the vid until I get home tonight. Day Break!
Hee! I had no idea Day Break had such a following! Hope you like the vid :-).
Ahhhhh! I love it! This was tons of fun (and yet still a bit angsty, which?).

Favorite moments--

The repeated use of the breaking dishes, capped by the Daybreak character catching it at the end.

The Buffy segment in the middle-end where she is just losing it (ha!).

Clever lyric matches like Sam taking apart the Mystery Spot on "no one's in the house."

The use of the Mystery Spot whirly wall, which I've been looking for in a vid since I saw that ep.

I'm sure I'll find many more things to love after I've watched it a few times.

Oh, look! More to love right now:

-Dancing Dean on the beat (again and again) ftw!
-The Groundhog Day section at the end cracked my shit up.

Edited at 2008-05-19 02:11 pm (UTC)
This was tons of fun (and yet still a bit angsty, which?).

I know, right? It was this weird thing I had to navigate, because some "groundhog day" episodes are played for laughs, and some really aren't. I'm so glad you liked it.
ohgod ohgod, I laughed myself SICK! This is amazing and I am now going to proceed to watch it 597 times today. Really, this is such a brilliant idea for a multivid; I love all the little comparisons it makes. I always cheer when that same old time loop plot comes up on a show I'm watching, because I'll never get enough of it, and watching this vid made me feel that exact same fannish glee.

100% \o/ !
Thank you so much!! I love the time loops, too - and I wanted the vid to capture why, so I'm so happy to hear it worked!
I am so, so incredibly delighted by your multi-fandom vids. This was wonderful to wake up to - I love groundhog day episodes, and you make such great use of all the tells/cliches. (Whenever the first 5 minutes of an episode includes an alarm clock and something breaking, I tend to go 'oh, okay, repeating day episode! Neat.')

The fact that your multifandom vids are so broad, and include footage from so many sources, is spectacular. And the bit of Groundhog Day footage from the end! Awesome tribute, and a great closing moment.

This is delightful, and clever, and such a great distillation of the increasing frustration, moments of resigned humor, and the satisfaction of occasionally being able to change something in the timeline that happens in these episodes. (I find the saving-people-from-being-hit-by-cars section especially appealing, for some reason.)

Thank you so much for posting this!
Thank you so much! Yes, I tried to get in as many examples of the trope as I could - what did people do for multis before Netflix?? - and yeah, I was really surprised how often the car thing popped up!

Anyway, I'm so glad you liked it - thanks so much for your comments.
I love it! I recognize half of these, but had no idea so many shows did Groundhog Day episodes. So awesomely put together! I love the wry resignation that shows up again and again.

It makes me want to write time loop fic in some fandom where they didn't do it in canon. :-D
It makes me want to write time loop fic in some fandom where they didn't do it in canon

Good luck finding such a thing :-)!

Seriously, I'm so happy you liked it even without recognizing all of the shows - thank you!
Now that was simply fantastic, and a perfect idea for a multi-fandom vid! I was smiling throughout, and just adore the Groundhog Day bit at the end. Brilliant! : D
Hee, thanks!! I'm so glad it maked you smile.

Re: Tonight, on It's the Mind

Yup, that was the song - and yes, I remember those old halcyon "cassette tape" days :-).

I'm so happy you enjoyed all the bits - and the Buffy bit is one of my favorite parts, too. Thank you!
Absolutely brilliant! I didn't know all the shows (in fact thanks to sol_se pimping this I may now atch Day Break) - but I was still grinning all the way through then laughing my head off at your final Groundhog Day scene! =D Great vid, thank you =)

Edited cos I've just realised what a complete idiot I am - sorry for the pimping I just did. Pointlessly.


Anyway, moving on from the fact that I'm an idiot, don't forget to submit this one and I'll add it to your page =)

And thanks again for a great vid =)

Edited at 2008-05-19 05:30 pm (UTC)
Hey, no worries - I assumed you have a lot of editors there and it's hard to keep track :-). And I'd love to add this - I didn't know you accepted multis! - but, umm, can you remind me what my verification code is, again?

Anyway, I'm really glad you liked the vid - thank you!
Fantabulous! I love how the song magnifies the over-and-over-again trope, and showcases both the commonalities of the stories, and the unique touches each 'verse puts on them.

: downloads and saves forever
Thank you!! I'm glad you liked the song choice - it turned out to be surprisingly difficult to work with, rhymically, so I'm happy it worked for you.
So fantastic!! I love how you juxtaposed all of the similarities among the various timeloop episodes. (Early Edition!!! Eeeee! *squeals into fists*)

I adored it! :)
Wow, someone cared about the Early Edition bits! I figured for sure that would pass by unrecognized! I'm so happy you liked it - and thank you so much for the rec! I appreciate it.
That was freaking amazing!
I love Groundhog day episodes, and the vid was just hilarious.
Thank you! I love them too :-).
Man, awesome. So exactly what I needed right now :)
You're welcome - glad you liked it!
That was wonderful - very fun! Downloading the .avi now.
Thanks! I had a lot of fun making it.
Oh, this was AWESOME! I love the visual similarities across fandoms. (And it's one of my favorite songs, so it gets bonus points! Even though it doesn't really need 'em.)
Hee! I wondered how many people were old enough to remember the song back from when it was hit - I'm glad you liked it, and the vid!
AMAZING! Loved it, loved it, loved it! :D
Thank you!
bwahaha! i'm watching it going "i remember that episode! and that one! and, ooh, coach taylor!" (i know, i know. i think i watched part of an early edition once and kyle chandler will now always be coach to me. which is odd because when i started watching fnl he was "that guy from that show with the newspaper that arrived a day early". >.< )

anyway. really funny, two thumbs up. :D
I had completely forgotten he's on FNL! And here I was thinking no one would really care about the Early Edition clips! I totally forgot he probably has a bit of a following.

Anyway, glad you liked the vid - thank you!
SO awesome! Made me smile thiiiiis wide, and boy I needed that. Great concept, and really lovely work.

Also? It's Min's fault I'm here. I followed her over.
Thank you!! I'm so glad I made you happy :-).
totally awesome!
Oh my god, I was already laughing all the way through, but when you ended with the original Groundhog Day clip I shrieked. Fantastic job.
Thank you!! The ending was one of the first clips I added - I'm so glad you liked it!
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