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New Vidlet: "Blister in the Sun" (SPN)

So, umm, this happened. IDEK.

Vid Title: Blister in the Sun
Song: Blister in the Sun by The Violent Femmes
Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Just dancing with myself.

Characters: Chuck, nominally.

Spoilers: Through "The Real Ghostbusters"

Sizes: 15.6 MB (720 x 480 .avi), 5 MB (420 x 280 .wmv)
Length: 1:03

Download: Monsters from the Vids

Download from Sendspace: The .avi file is here and the .wmv file is here.

Password: larp

Thanks so much to rhoboat for the beta.

Comments welcome.

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I haven't seen last week's yet, but have heard enough, so....

That was fun! Enjoyed it muchly.
Hee, thanks!

I think we needed that.
I know that I found it cathartic :-).
maybe that's what I need to do. Just a vidlet to get my brain on straight... Or just enjoy your wonderfully happy making vid. I like that plan. It goes along with the new laziness order I'm going with. ;)
Heh, I'd love to see a vidlet from you! But I'm glad the vid is happy-making.
Ahahhaaaa! It was either this or "Turning Japanese," right? :P
Heh. Actually, I was considering Longview. Or She Bop.

... there were really a lot of options.
Hee, thanks :-).
Thanks for helping to take out the bad taste in my mouth that "The Real Ghostbusters" left behind. This is brilliant!
I'm so happy I could relieve some of the pain - and thanks so much for the beta!
Hee!!! Love it.
Hee, thanks :-). I had to work out my annoyance somehow!
Man, in some ways this is so commentary on fandom. It breaks my mind. I love the song choice, too. Fun all the way through.
Hee! yes, it's a bit ... recursive, isn't it? I'm very glad you liked it - thanks!
LOL That was great. :D
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.
FABULOUS! And nostalgic because that song! \o/
Hee, thanks! Yeah, it's a lot of fun to work with the songs of my youth - I'm glad you liked it!
Haha, oh poor Chuck. I feel an urge to buy him another bottle of whiskey now.
Heh, yes, I think he would need it :-). I'm glad you liked the vid, thank you!
Yay for fandom reconstruction! It’s hilarious to see the absurdity cast in a new light. Haven’t heard the Femmes in forever - this rates with Credit Card Baby as far as song choices go. Yay!
Thank you! Yes, I found the reconstruction rather cathartic, so I'm glad you appreciated it. And I'm delighted you like the song choice - and that you remember Credit Card Baby :-)!
I recommended this here.
Hee, thank you! And I'm actually kind of flattered you had trouble categorizing this one :-).